Privacy Focused

We are a privacy-focused company for a privacy-focused world. We aim to help make privacy and security more accessible to global users.

Our Philosophies

What do we believe in?

Privacy Focused

Privacy Labs is focused on exactly that, global user privacy. We aim to help make privacy simple and accessible to people all over the globe.

TOR Relays

We at Privacy Labs are always looking for ways to help improve security for the public. This is why we are launching TOR relays in all major corners of the globe.

Security Promise

All of our services and services provided by our sister companies are end-to-end encrypted and at no point is any data sent over an unencrypted connection.

Environmentally Friendly

We aim to use the most environmentally friendly hosting providers and equipment. This is as important to us as our privacy promises because this world is not just ours, it’s our children’s & grandchildren’s world too.

Not for Profit Division

As weird as this may sound, we don’t want this division to make our company any money. We just want to raise awareness for the privacy and security services we & our partners provide and if you want to donate to make this possible, please do.

Some of our Partners

We work with companies that are providing critically important privacy and security services.


ZeroSSL is a one-stop solution for SSL certificate creation and management, allowing users to create website security certificates issued by ZeroSSL either using a fast and straightforward user interface, using ACME integrations, or using a full-fledged SSL REST API.

TOR Project

The TOR Project wants to advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open-source anonymity and privacy technologies, supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their scientific and popular understanding.


NordVPN strives to make the internet better than it is today. It can be free from online threats, censorship, and surveillance, as envisioned in 1989 — the year the World Wide Web was invented.

Some Privacy & Security Statistics

All information is correct as of December 2021

Sites in Alexa top 100,000 websites not using HTTPS


Sites that still support TLS 1.0


Sites that still have inadequate security


Number of URLs that were malicious as of 2019


HTTPS (TLS) is one of the most important security and privacy protocols currently in use across the web. Now we know that these statistics obviously don’t exactly show the whole picture but in this day and age, all websites should be using up-to-date encryption protocols to ensure user security on the internet. This is why we are partnering with ZeroSSL and contributing to the Let’s Encrypt project.

How can you help?

As you’ve probably noticed we’re not your typical company. This division doesn’t really offer any paid services so the only thing that we can really hope is that you will contribute either your time or a small donation to either one of the companies/projects that we work with or to us to keep our public TOR relays or other privacy services running.